Feb. 20th: Instituska St.

I followed Euromaidan forces from the center of Independence Square through a retaken October Palace, ending in the open sniper fire on Instituska St. after police lines were somehow broken.  After a bullet penetrated the shield of a man to my front, I returned to the Square.


































Some video:

 Maidan’s Instituska St. push on February 20th, about 0915:




Here, Euromaidan combatants attempt to scale the hill upon which October Palace sits, while police forces lob stun and smoke grenades, and shoot at them (see a few people fall, wounded, down the hill as they are shot).  A second Euromaidan combat group moves in from the left, carrying flags and hurling molotov cocktails as police fall back.









































































Some video: 

09:55: Maidan self-defense member sprints across Instituska St. as shots are fired. I do not know if the shots came from snipers, AK-47s, or were interfering rounds fired by friendly self-defense forces.





























































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