Short talk with “Hussein” in Şanlıurfa at Turkish-Kurdish rally

Audio and transcript:

(Hussein approaches me in the crowd)

RM: Do you speak English?

Hussein:  Hello.


How are you?

Well, thank you.  What’s your name?

My name is Hussein.

Nice to meet you.

Do you know what is happening here?

No, I’m trying to find someone to tell me.  Could you explain it to me please?

Yes, there are big battles between Kurdish and extreme Islamists in Kobane, and we Kurdish here are angry because of that.  We want to protect all our people. 

You’re all Kurdish here? 

Yes, all Kurdish from Kobane, from Syria.

Kobane is being attacked right now by ISIS.

Yes.  By extreme Islamists.

You want Turkey to help?

Turkey…I think Turkey helps the extreme Islamic [groups] and hurts Kurdish people.

What do you want to see happen now?

In Turkey?

In Turkey, and the Kurdish areas in Syria.

I think there will be battle between Kurdish and Turkey because we are so angry because of Kobane.  We want Turkey to protect us in Kobane.

And they are not protecting it right now?

No – they are not doing anything to help Kobane.

They are watching.

Just watching!  All the countries in the world, just watching.

You want them to help?

Yes, we want all the countries in the world to help the Kurdish in Kobane.  There will be a war in every area in Kurdistan because of Kobane!

[The situation in Kobane] will start a war?

Yes.  The war will start everywhere in Turkey and Iran and Iraq.  All Kurdish want to go to war [over] Kobane.

Does your group here have a name?

Just Turkish-Kurdish.  We want help from any country in the world, especially American, because she is just watching right now.   She can help in Syria, but they aren’t doing anything right now!  Why? we don’t know.

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