“Offset Work” – 35mm black and white photo-essay

Nearly a year ago I spent some time with a press crew of five as they printed a newspaper on an old Goss Community offset press. The job was one of the crew’s last to operate on the 70-year old machine, as they would soon move to a new facility equipped with a fancy new press that, despite its efficiency, provides none of that Mad Max charm.

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Retaining consistency in presentation with vertical images

Most of the time I hold a camera normally, but sometimes a vertical shot is the most appropriate.  Occasionally I will perform a vertical crop of a horizontal image (but not often – this knocks out a lot of image data).

In presenting my photo work in sets meant to be scrolled top to bottom, as I like to do, I encountered a problem with the integration of vertically-oriented (“tall”) images into groups of horizontally-oriented (“wide) images.  Only around five percent of my photos are tall, but they are no less important.

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