August 18th

Sign placed inside front door of Darren Wilson’s next door neighbor in Crestwood, MO.



Employees of a Wal-Mart on Florissant Ave. in Ferguson, MO guard the store entrance. The store was previously damaged by looters Sunday night.



Jenny, a resident of a nearby town, awaits a bus at Florissant and Chambers. “Some people just want to be heard,” she said. “Some think it’s just about race, but it’s not. I think these rioters are using Michael Brown as an excuse to loot.”



Local police walk away from the nucleus of demonstrations sparked by the August death of Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Smith.



J.R., left, and Tiffany, right, walk on Florissant Ave. towards demonstration areas in Ferguson, MO. Of the situation, J.R remarked: “I like it. St. Louis hasn’t come together like this before, and not just the black community.”








A group of local people cooking food on a Florissant Ave. corner offer me water and put their hands up in a show of solidarity and support for those in the community disturbed by the recent death of Michael Brown.


Demonstrators discuss deescalation techniques as police move to shut down protests on Florissant Ave. late Monday night.



Demonstrator implores others collecting on Florissant Ave. to clear the streets in the interests of avoiding police confrontation late Monday evening.






A small number of remaining demonstrators, defying commands by police to clear Florissant Ave., put their hands up.







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